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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Decision
    Against all odds, a newly-opened municipal course is selected to host a U.S. Amateur and a U.S. Open
  • Chapter 2: The Vision
    John Ladenburg spends all of his political clout in chasing a dream
  • Chapter 3: The Community
    An abandoned gravel pit – for centuries a dumping ground and a source of riches for entrepreneurs – is transformed into a municipal jewel open to golfers and all public events
  • Chapter 4: The History
    From Native Americans, to early settlers, to mighty industrialists, to a patch of weeds, to a civic treasure capable of hosting the world
  • Chapter 5: The Architects
    Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and his team of youngbloods take a risk in their initial proposal, reach back to the ancient game’s roots, and build a course for the ages
  • Chapter 6: The Recession
    First the hype, then the reality, as the public facility finds ways to weather the toughest economic times in nearly a century
  • Chapter 7: The First Test
    The 2010 U.S. Amateur brings the bump-and-run into play and shows the world’s best amateurs how to manage fescue grass
  • Chapter 8: The U.S. Open
    Mike Davis of the USGA tweaks the course in its preparation, providing opportunities to host a championship like no other

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Puget Sound Sign

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The first hole can be played as a par-4 or a par-5

The history of golf turned one day in 2008 with the jaw-dropping announcement that the 2015 U.S. Open would be played at Chambers Bay on the shores of Puget Sound.

How, in the names of Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus, could America’s national golf championship take place on a public course that was but eight months old at the time of the announcement?

A course that was the only one built in the previous 50 years to be awarded an Open, which usually is held at a time-honored private club east of the Mississippi? A course in the faraway Pacific Northwest, where this major had never been played before? A course that could, in all its glory, be brown – not green – be destined to produce an Open like no other?

“America’s St. Andrews” is not only a book to grace coffee tables with its stunning photographs of a sand-and-gravel mine transformed into a venue to host the biggest sporting event in Northwest history, but tells the story of how it all happened, from Thomas Chambers chasing away the Canadians in the 1800s to John Ladenburg chasing – and implausibly catching – a dream in the 2000s.

The bridge between golf’s past and its future, publicly-owned Chambers Bay is the dream realized.

This hard-bound four-color glossy coffee table book includes:

  • Award-winning photography
  • Never before seen photos, including:
    • The 2010 U.S. Amateur
    • Early conceptual designs by the architects
    • The history of the property and how it was reclaimed to become a municipal jewel

Also included are extensive interviews with:

Danny Sink

Danny Sink
USGA Championship Director of the 2015 U.S. Open

“The first time I saw the course I couldn’t see it. But once the fog cleared I knew this was an amazing site.”
– Chapter 8

Matt Allen

Matt Allen
General Manager at Chambers Bay

“There will be minimal disruption in public play leading up to the championship. Even with an event this huge, on this large a scale, we intend to keep it available for everyone.”

Mike Davis

Mike Davis
Executive Director of the United States Golf Association

“My gosh, to think that we could have an Open in the Northwest on a course next to the water and built on sand and with fescue grasses. It was a staggering proposition.”
– Chapter 1

Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

Robert Trent Jones, Jr.
Master Architect at RTJ2, the designers of Chambers Bay (Jones has also written the book’s Foreword)

“Where great land meets great water there can be great golf. Our charge was to use the site wisely and create golf art.”
– Chapter 5

John Ladenburg

John Ladenburg
The Pierce County Executive who spent all the political clout he had on a dream that ultimately came true

“I thought that we had a good chance to get a U.S. Amateur, and depending how that went, a U.S. Open. I never, ever dreamed we would get both of them.”
– Chapter 1

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